Best poster award on the Microsymposium

During The Annual Microsymposium in the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS Joanna gave a talk about hierarchical 3-dimensional nickel-iron nanostructures for glucose sensing. We also presented our research in two posters.
We are pleased to inform that the poster about our recent publication presented by Marta Janczuk-Richter and Łukasz Richter was awarded by committee as one of four best posters during symposium. This work was done in collaboration with Soft Condensed Matter Group from IPC PAS. Well done!

Bacteriophage-based bioconjugates as a tool for fast bacteria detection by M. Janczuk-Richter, Ł. Richter, G. Hoser, J. Kawiak, M. Łoś, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson, J. Paczesny, R. Hołyst

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