Success of our young member!

European Union Contest for Young Scientists is a scientific competition for people under 21 years old that have started their research before starting studies at the university. (source of image: Polish Children Fund/Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci)

Jury of Polish Edition of 32nd European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS 2020) awarded work of our young member Sebastian J. Machera with 1st prize!

Project entitled “A human cardiac troponin T electrochemical immunosensor based on M13 bacteriophages obtained via phage display” has been realised in our Group by Sebastian under supervision of Katarzyna Szot-Karpińska.

The project concerns applying of genetically modified M13 bacteriophage as a receptor element in electrochemical sensors. Troponin T is known as a biomarker of cardiac injuries. Its elevated level in the bloodstream plays a fundamental role in modern definition of myocardial infraction. Clone of M13 bacteriophage displaying troponin T-specific peptide (selected by phage display) was immoblized on modified gold electrode. This innovative approach blazes the path for new phage-based sensors that are ones of our research fields.

EUCYS is extremely prestigous contest for young scientists (under 21 years old). Every year, best high school students’ projects compete in national eliminations and then in international finals. According to COVID-19 pandemic, EUCYS 2020 was moved to 2021. Organizers haven’t declared whether Sebastian will represent Poland on next year international finals.

If you are talented and enthusiastic young scientist and you are interested in short internship, please contact Joanna for more information.

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