general news

Press release about bioconjugates

Press release about our recent work was just published. Bacteriophage-based bioconjugates are gaining more and more interest! in English: in Polish:,412863,sposob-na-szybka-identyfikacje-bakterii-w-infekcjach.html

Scientific workshop for talented youth

Between November 28 to December 2 we hosted the most talented young people from the whole country on the short scientific workshop organized by Narodowy Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci. The participants had an opportunity to perform experiments in our group connected with nanotechnology and surface modifications. Good job!

Hello world!

This is the new webpage of the Surface Nanoengineering group. As of now it is very much under construction, but eventually it will grow into a functional page showing what research we do, what we publish and who we are.